Saturday, June 25, 2011

One Size Fits All

Released June 25, 1975, One Size Fits All is a rock album by Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention. It is the last Zappa album to be released with the subheading of "Mothers of Invention". One of Zappa's heroes, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, guests on two tracks.

The album features the final version of The Mothers of Invention, with George Duke, Chester Thompson, Ruth Underwood, Tom Fowler and Napoleon Murphy Brock. It also features one of Zappa's most complex and well-known tracks, "Inca Roads".

Early U.S. LP pressings of One Size Fits All are particularly notable, for two reasons:

Many early copies contain a skip during "Inca Roads" at approximately 4:40 into the track. This error was a manufacturing defect not caught during the test pressing stage. The album was recalled after the mistake was caught, but a significant number had already been sold. The highly complex nature of the music made it difficult to recognize the error without comparing it to the correct version.

Some copies also have the catalog number "BS 2879" inscribed - and crossed out - in the runoff matrix, indicating that at one point One Size Fits All was (perhaps mistakenly) planned to be released on Warner Bros. Records, whose Reprise Records subsidiary distributed Zappa's DiscReet Records label. The album was ultimately released on DiscReet with a catalog number in Reprise's sequence, DS 2216. Warner Bros. did not reassign the number BS 2879 to another album.

In 1988, One Size Fits All was released on CD by Rykodisc.

Frank Zappa was an innovator, a master of fusion, and an eccentric genius of unparalleled creativity. Today, he's A Bit Of Groovy!

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